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LBC-988 Heat Setting Machine

I Purpose
It can be used for open width rolling auxiliary agent framing treatment of senior cotton, terylene filament, terylene low elastic filament and other mixed fabric and open width fabric, knitting (containing cylinder and warp knitting) dry and heat setting of 30-300g/m2 of fabric.

II Principal Technical Parameter
1. Nominal width of machine: 1600-3400mm
2. Machine hand: right hand or left hand
3. Type: needle clamp, cloth clamp or double-use plane operation and open width infeed
4. Heat source and temperature: heating by coal and oil; 800,000Kilocalorie/hour, 100-200
5. Edge-feeler: rack type far infrared made in China
6. Hinge and lubrication: oil free black lead lubrication
7. Overfeed: frequency conversion motor transmission and automatic seek
8. Installed power: about 82KW-5 sections

. Infeed
1. Infeed: infrared ray centralizer and roll coater edge guide
2. MH591 inclined mangle equipping with stainless steel slot and stainless steel roller

. Frame
1. 150mm rubber over feed roller and pressure roller
2. Two sets (stainless steel) unequal ribbing equalizer roll
3. Rack far infrared edge feeler
4. Frequency conversion motor transmission overfeed brush wheel seeks main motor lifting; upwards brush wheel roller adopts toothed belt.
5. Traversing type single roll tentering of weft

. Track
1. Chain and needle board adopts roller; chain roller adopts special solid lubrication material that doesnt need any high temperature lubricating grease.
2. Track adopts pig iron that has high fixation; but it is very ponderosity and suitable for our national situation.
3. There is non-oil lubrication of black lead in track.
4. Scroll adopts collective transmission.
5. Main transmission and overfeed needle adopts imported frequency conversion timing.

. Hot Chamber
1. Hot chamber is building block falling type that is similar with Germany Bruckner air heater; every chamber is 2.91 meter and it has 5 chambers.
2. Circulation fan adopts standard fan axial flow type; there are two sets in very chamber in opposite directions; every fan power is 5.5KW and there are total 10 sets.
3. Radiator is equipped in downwards of track that is convenient for operation.

. Main Transmission
1. Main shaft adopts daisy-chain
2. Main wheel box adopts TMR9A and TMR10A.

. Delivery and Cooling
1. Cooling fan
2. Delivery roller for delivery

. Customer Preparation
1. Wireway
2. Pipe fittings from hot oil boiler to machine

. Mangle, far infrared centralizer, far infrared edge feeler
It can be equipped according to clients requirement.

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