LBC-988 Heat Setting Machine
  LDV930 Multifunctional
Textile Coating Machine
  LCZ205Heat Setting Machine
  LDC-528 Heat Setting Machine
  LBC-988AHeat setting Maching

LDV930Multifunctional Textile Coating Machine

I Purpose:

Fit for PU/PA, silver coating, white coating, waterproof and damp.

Principal Technical Spec

Nominal Width: 1800mm 3200mm

Nominal Speed: 7 70m /min

Type: left (right) hand

Drive: one motor frequency control system

Heat supply: circulating heating by heat conduct oil

Automatic Temperature Control

Precise Coated Head

Soft, Hard and Precise Coating Machine


Electric Control Cabin

Main Drive Parts

Drying Oven


Coating Machine

Coating Production Line