LBC-988 Heat Setting Machine
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Textile Coating Machine
  LCZ205Heat Setting Machine
  LDC-528 Heat Setting Machine
  LBC-988£¨A£©Heat setting Maching
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LCZ205 Heat setting machine

Standard Composition:5 to 9 chambers
I Application:

    Suitable for impregnating and padding the open-width fabrics of cotton,polyester/cotton,polyester-/viscose,man-made fibre as well as blend fabric with unit weight of 70-350g/m2.Also can be used to impregnate,stenter and heat setting the open-width knitted fabrics of polyester filament,polyester low-elastic fibre as well as mix-woren fabric.

II Technical Specification:
1.Machine hand:left hand or right hand
2.Roller width: 1800-3600mm(W)
3.Width adjusting range :800~w-200mm
4.Machine speed: 15~100m/min
5.Drive:A.C.inverter motor
6.Heat source:Thermo oil,steam,steam/electricity.city gas(LPG,natural gas)
7.Stenter chain:pin,clip,pin/clip combined
8.Infeed overfeed range:Upper overfeed-10~+40% Lower overfeed¡À10%
9.Processing temperature:Max. 220¡æ(thermo oil,city gas)
             Max. 110¡æ(steam)

6 chambers

8 chambers

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