LBC-988 Heat Setting Machine
  LDV930 Multifunctional
Textile Coating Machine
  LCZ205Heat Setting Machine
  LDC-528 Heat Setting Machine
  LBC-988AHeat setting Maching

LBC-988 Heat Setting Machine                                           
      It can be used for open width rolling auxiliary agent framing treatment of senior cotton, terylene filament, terylene low elastic filament and other mixed fabric and open width fabric, knitting (containing cylinder and warp knitting) . .........  
LDV930Multifunctional Textile Coating Machine             
      Fit for coating production, such as PU/PA, silver coating, whitewash, waterproof ......  
LCZ205 Heat setting machine                                              
        Suitable for impregnating and padding the open-width fabrics of cotton,polyester/cotton,polyester-/viscose,man-made fibre as well as blend fabric with unit weight of 70-350g/m2.Also can be used to impregnate..........  
LDC-528 Heat Setting Machine                                          

Machine Nominal Width: 1800mm3400mm
Machine Speed: 15100m/min..........